IMPROV Competition 2017

Put your creativity to the test & come and experience the craft of improvisation! Great Prizes to be Won!

IMPROV Competition 2017

WELL DONE JUSTIN DURANT! Best Actor of the World!

Grande Champion Actor at the "World Championships of Performing Arts" 2017

Justin Durant

Learn the craft of acting, improv and story-telling/making. Never to old to start - experience the stage @ THE STAGE....make 2017 your year: Lights, Camera...Action. Come and join the fun!

Drama Classes

At The Stage we present our drama classes in such a way that students can develop:

  • Acting & interpretation skills
  • Creative thought patterns
  • Physical theatre abilities
  • Body language & movement
  • Confidence & leadership skills
  • Proper voice projection
  • Focus & concentration
  • Proper writing skills
  • Character development & transformations

Students will have exposure to competitions.