Learn the craft of acting, improv and story-telling/making. Never to old to start - experience the stage @ THE STAGE....make 2015 your year: Lights, Camera...Action. Come and join the fun!

Wenners van Improvisasie Kompetisie 2014

Baie geluk!

2de - Matthew van Niekerk /1ste - Cara van der Merwe / 3de - Suenel van Schalkwyk

Drama Classes

At The Stage we present our drama classes in such a way that students can develop:

  • Acting & interpretation skills
  • Creative thought patterns
  • Physical theatre abilities
  • Body language & movement
  • Confidence & leadership skills
  • Proper voice projection
  • Focus & concentration
  • Proper writing skills
  • Character development & transformations

Students will have exposure to competitions.