IMPROV Competition

Participant’s creativity is put to the test. Children, students and adults are given the opportunity, through this competition, to show off their theatrical talents. The art of improvisation requires one to be able to think on their feet, to be able to transform, both physically and mentally into another character & to be able to interact with acquaintances on stage. This competition is great fun, not only for the participants but the audience as well. Participants do not need to have any acting experience to enjoy this genre of theatre sports at its best, where in new characters are brought to life thus inspiring ones soul.

Classes are full and happening - WE ARE BOOMING!!

All of our performers are warmed-up and ready to bring you the BEST performances in 2015 = ACTION!

If there are any late registrations - feel free to contact us TODAY - we will accommodate you - MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!